"Best Art Gallery in Maine for 2014" by American Art Awards



The King's Broad Arrow, the Eastern White Pine

and the Mast Cove


The majestic Eastern White Pine is the tallest of the pine species in North America with a rich history that played a crucial historical role in the colonial America, yet unknown to many. The white pine tree (Pinus Strobus) was especially important in Colonial America. These tall trees were perfect for the masts of sailing ships.

Great Britain had depleted its forests by the 17th century and looked to the tall, straight white pines the colonies to supply its appetite for timber for wooden ships, especially the old-growth pines for masts.


Trees 150 to 240 feet tall and trunks free of branches to heights of 80 feet or more were plentiful in the new world.  The Cove behind the Gallery was used to float these timbers into Kennebunkport for ships masts hence,,,

Our Name, Mast Cove Galleries


Jean Briggs, Director  *  Contemporary Paintings, Graphics, and Sculpture

P.O. Box 2718   #2 Mast Cove Lane and Maine Street in Kennebunkport, Maine 04046

Contact Jean at 207.67.3453 or Email Mail mailto:mastcove@aol.com or visit us on Facebook

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